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David and Faye Wetherow

David and Faye have long been involved in innovative service development, training, management consultation and facilitation in the field of community living.

As independent facilitators and consultants, we conduct planning, training and design sessions for government and community agencies, schools, parent associations and self-advocacy groups.

We created the very first Microboards, and developed Prairie Housing Cooperative (inclusive cooperative housing), L'Avenir Cooperative (a family- and consumer-governed service co-op), the Open Access Resource Centre (a lending library of communications equipment), and some of Canada's earliest supported employment, individualized funding, and personal support projects.

For many years we shared our lives with a beloved adopted daughter who lived with complex mobility and communication challenges.  Amber's courage, love and gentle spirit remain with us always.  She called us to live gently and mindfully, to act with honor in perilous times, and to always celebrate life.

We can be reached by:



724 Lowry's Road

Parksville, BC V9P0C5 Canada   


eMail: info@communityworks.info





Canada (604) 607-7377

USA (415) 800-1133